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Recipe for a Healthy, Fruity and Refreshing Summer Drink

Recipe for a Healthy, Fruity and Refreshing Summer Drink
Refreshing "Mango Turmeric" Drink for Summer


- 1 "Mango Turmeric" capsule from Bello
- 1 cup of tap water 
- Ice cubes (optional)
- Lemon slices for decoration (optional)
- Fresh mint leaves for garnish (optional)  


1. Prepare Filtered Water: Use your Bello Home to create a cup of perfectly filtered water. Ensure that your Bello Home is powered on, and your water tank is filled.

2. Personalize with a "Mango Turmeric" Capsule: Insert the "Mango Turmeric" capsule into your Bello Home and begin the personalization process. Let the magic happen, blending the flavors of mango, lime, and turmeric to create a juicy drink with digestive benefits. 

3. Add Ice (Optional): If you prefer a chilled beverage, add a few ice cubes to your cup. This will make your "Mango Turmeric" wellness beverage even more refreshing.

4. Decorate and Garnish (Optional): For an extra summery touch, decorate your drink with lemon slices and add some fresh mint leaves for an aromatic touch.

5. Sip under the Sun: Find a sunny spot, sit back, and savour your refreshing "Mango Turmeric" drink. Let the tropical flavors dance on your palate while enjoying the digestive benefits of turmeric.

Digestive Benefits of Turmeric and Mango:

The "Mango Turmeric" capsule not only adds a burst of tropical flavour to your drink but also brings with it the digestive benefits of turmeric and mango. Turmeric, a golden spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties, can aid digestion by reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. Mango, rich in digestive enzymes like amylases, can contribute to breaking down and assimilating carbohydrates. Together, these ingredients make the "Mango Turmeric" capsule a delightful and digestion-friendly choice for your summer refreshment. Enjoy the summer with this easy-to-make beverage that's bursting with tropical flavors.

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